Company Overview

Andre Burger Cricket is about giving players an opportunity they may not otherwise have. We provide players with a different pathway to test their ability, skills and desires against tough opposition. There are opportunities for the serious player aspiring to play at the next level as well as for the participation player looking to improve their skills, but at the same time having fun in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Both these players will enjoy quality coaching from highly skilled and passionate coaches.

We believe the model in place in our academy’s will develop international players. We recognize players with the right attitude desire and passion for the game and help them develop their skills to the highest possible level.

The company is built on a solid foundation, forged by hard work and our program ‘Skills for Life’ has been created not only to develop good cricket players, but also outstanding individuals that will succeed in any path they choose.

Our comprehensive program comprises;

  • Technique
  • Mental conditioning
  • Tactical awareness and anticipation
  • Physical fitness
  • Personal growth and leadership

This is delivered in an environment that will continually challenge each player and for each individual to rely on personal accountability for progression. In this environment we will pursue a sense of value, understanding, self worth and unity to comfort and aspire each individual to maximise his potential.

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