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Does your son marvel at the precision and seemingly effortless grace of our cricketing greats in action, dream of standing out on the pitch before the crowds himself or simply aspire to be the best that he can be?

The André Burger Cricket Academy is a holistic program focused on developing not just great cricketers, but complete athletes with the right technique, mindset and life skills for success on and off the field.

We have formulated a comprehensive program covering technique, mental conditioning, tactical awareness and anticipation, physical fitness and personal growth and leadership delivered by a team of passionate and hands-on coaches, experts and presenters.

We help young players realise their true potential.

Why 45 Weeks

45 weeks is the optimum length for achieving accelerated and sustainable results. We spend the necessary time on strengthening and conditioning before moving onto the technical and tactical phases of the program. In our controlled environment, we break bad habits and entrench good technique faster, using repetition and reinforcement.

It also enables us to adequately focus on the nutrition, psychological and life skills elements of the program, which in our experience are pivotal for future success, and often missed or glossed over by other academies.

In special circumstances we may allow participants to enrol for shorter periods at a reduced cost. Please contact André to discuss options as it may depend on capacity and other factors.

About the Academy Program

At André Burger Cricket, we’ve structured our Academy Program to develop our players into well-rounded athletes. Our ‘whole person focus’ is what sets us apart.

Having played and coached at elite cricket levels for many years, we understand what young players need to take their cricket to the next level and provide a supportive and professional coaching environment in order to achieve this.

Positions within the Academy are strictly limited to preserve low coach to player ratios, so one-on-one time is maximised.

Through our Academy Program we:

  • Develop a high performance level of cricket skills, that enables players to be as competitive as they can be.
  • Introduce players to mental skills that prepare them for top level cricket and enable them to both exert and cope with pressure on and off the field.
  • Provide young cricketers with the highest standard of specialist coaching tailored to their individual needs.
  • Introduce players to recognised advanced training and conditioning techniques such as SAQ® (Speed Agility Quickness) International Training, repetition and mental toughness training to develop all ’round athletic skills.
  • Take a personal approach, setting individual performance and development plans, then monitoring and adjusting these as needed during the program.

Program Pillars

The holistic nature of the Academy sees our program structured around six pillars (detailed over the page).

  1. Physical Development
  2. Technical Development
  3. Leadership
  4. Nutrition
  5. Mental Preparation
  6. Life Skills

“Our son has attended the André Burger Cricket Academy since early 2014.

André is an excellent coach and provides a holistic approach to the discipline of cricket. All aspects of cricket are explored in great detail – fitness, diet, health, organisational skills and mindset.

André, being South African, does everything with excellence – whether it is organising a cricket dinner, getting the boys to cook and serve the parents, making sure they have completed their tasks or mentoring the boys.

He provides regular feedback and we are always very aware of each week’s activities. André  is firm, but also very fair and kind – exactly what teenage boys need. 

André doesn’t get involved or pander to ridiculous “cricket parent” politics and encourages the boys to enjoy cricket overall, which is the whole purpose of the game!

It is a safe environment and your child does not have to go to Churchie to fit in. I would highly recommend Andre’s academy and wish that there were more programs in the schools to teach young men life skills!”

Mother of Academy Player

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