For a complete breakdown of the program please contact André Burger on +61 414 686 416

Who should attend?

Aspiring young players 10 years and older who want to take their game to another level. It’s ideal for those wishing to accelerate their cricket development and become well-rounded athletes, equipped to handle what the game, and life, throw at them.

We run two programs, a senior program for 14 to 18-year-olds and a junior program tailored specifically for boys aged 9 to 13 years.

What’s included?

  • Pre-intake meeting
  • Full physio assessment
  • Personal strength and conditioning program
  • 90 sessions over 45 weeks from expert coaches and presenters using state-of-the-art facilities:
  1. 15 week strength and conditioning phase with Antonio McCray
  2. 30 week technical and tactical phase with specialist coaches André Burger, Peter Drinnen and Joe Dawes
  3. 4 to 6 weeks of life skills coaching with Michael Jeh
  4. Practical sessions with sports psychologist Jarred Parkes (including personality testing and psychological drills)
  5. Dedicated sessions with sports dietitian Lauren Nugent
  • Video analysis and centre wicket practice
  • BLK athletic gear (including tracksuit pants, hoodie, t-shirts, cap and beanie)
  • Liaison with top administrators, selectors and coaches
  • Liaison with teachers to track players’ academic focus
  • Mid-year performance progress review
  • End-of-year performance review
  • Graduation celebration

Cost: $4,000 (excluding GST)

Why 45 weeks?

45 weeks is the optimum length for achieving accelerated and sustainable results. We spend the necessary time on strengthening and conditioning before moving onto the technical and tactical phases of the program. In our controlled environment, we break bad habits and entrench good technique faster, using repetition and reinforcement.

It also enables us to adequately focus on the nutrition, psychological and life skills elements of the program, which in our experience are pivotal for future success, and often missed or glossed over by other academies.

In special circumstances we may allow participants to enrol for shorter periods at a reduced cost. Please contact André to discuss options as it may depend on capacity and other factors.

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