The holidays are a time to relax, have a sleep-in, spend time with friends and family and if you are lucky enough, travel to a holiday destination! Often without the structure of school and training, our eating habits also go on holidays…
Did you know?
• Australians spend a third of their food expenses on eating out! Are you spending your money wisely?
• A meal eaten away from home is two to three times bigger than the serving size of the same meal prepared at home… are you eating too much?
• Takeaway foods are often higher in fat and energy than food prepared at home, and are likely to be lower in fruits & vegetables. Are you meeting your nutritional needs on holidays?

If you eat out 3 times per week on school holidays (which is modest when you consider going on holidays you are likely to eat 3 meals per day away from home) you are spending a lot of money, on a large amount of food that is of low nutritional value – is that assisting your cricket performance goals?

Smart choices for meals away from home:

• A fruit platter with yoghurt
• An acai bowl – choose the ones with granola & nuts rather than fruit toppings
• Bread/toast: wholegrain, rye, sourdough and fruit bread with spreads
• Cereals: muesli or porridge with milk or yoghurt
• Smoothie
• Eggs, lean ham, fat trimmed bacon, smoked salmon and baked beans
• Vegetable side dishes such as mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, onions and avocado
• Fatty cuts of ham, bacon, sausages, hash browns, fried eggs, egg dishes made with cream such as scrambled eggs and eggs benedict, pastries, white bread and sugary cereals.


• Sushi or rice paper rolls- with fillings such as salmon, tuna, skinless chicken and prawn, avoid deep fried fillings.
• Subway- choose from the 6g fat or less options, choose multigrain/wheat/honey oat bread, avoid the creamy sauces and go for mustards or BBQ/tomato
• Teriyaki chicken/beef/salmon and rice. Ask for extra salad or veggies.
• Simple burger – meat or chicken with salad on a bun. Avoid the extras and sauces, keep it simple!
• Sandwich/wrap/roll with lean meat/chicken and salad
• Kebab – chicken with plenty of salad, skip the creamy sauces and add hommus or BBQ/tomato/chilli
• Noodles – choose the smallest size and ask for extra veggies
• Mexican- soft tortillas such as burritos and enchiladas with beef, chicken, seafood, beans and salad and rice.

• Creamy dressings and sauces, deep fried foods, fatty cuts of meat, chicken with skin, chips, meal deals and upsizing


• You may choose to have one of the lunch options
• Asian takeaway- chicken & cashew or beef & basil stir-fry with rice or rice noodles
• Steak, baked potato and veggies or salad
• Grilled fish, salad and a handful of chips
• An Italian pizza – thin base, few toppings, go easy on the meat. Have a salad to go with it.
• A tomato based pasta, try to have salad or vegetables to go with it.

• Creamy dressings and sauces, deep fried foods, fatty cuts of meat, chicken with skin, chips, meal deals and upsizing


• Fruit – fresh or dried
• Yoghurt
• Smoothie
• Handful of nuts or trail mix
• Muesli or nut bar
• A sushi roll or 2
• A couple of rice paper rolls
• Share a toasted sandwich or if you are really hungry eat it yourself!
• A mini burrito or wrap

There are plenty of healthy food choices available when eating out or enjoying a holiday. While the odd treat such as an ice cream is a beach requisite, make the rest of the day nutritious choices to recover from a long term and refuel your body ready for a big term 4 of cricket!