Bat Care

You’ve bought a new cricket bat – great news! Now you need to make sure it’s ready to play with so you can start scoring runs as soon as possible.

The majority of bats are fitted with a protection sheet which helps maintain the moisture level in the blade and offers some resistance to the accumulation of surface wear in-play. We recommend oiling the blade when you decide to change the sheet (e.g. between seasons) – two light coats if leaving natural or one light coat if fitting another sheet.

1 coat of oil is around half a teaspoon-full, rubbed into the face and edges of the blade with a cloth. Leave for 24-48 hours face up after applying between coats or fitting a new scuff sheet, wipe away any excess surface oil with a cloth before fitting a scuff sheet or using the bat.

Before match use, we would also recommend applying some knocking in and testing the blade against an old used ball with some throw downs in a light net session – if the face blemishes/dents too easily then further knocking in should be applied.

Post-Season Care

When removing a protection sheet you should warm it with a hairdryer if possible to loosen the adhesive and then peel across the face carefully and evenly to minimize lifting of willow fibres. Never remove the sheet by pulling up the blade. It may also be worth lightly sanding the blade before oiling or fitting new sheets.

You can lightly oil the exposed willow on the rear of the blade which will also help with maintaining the moisture level of the blade. However please note it should be applied carefully as contact with the labels may cause them to lift as oil can undermine the label adhesive.

Please use this link for further information and videos on bat care. – How Your Bat Was Made – Knocking-In Your Bat – Oiling Your Bat – How To Fit A Grip – Applying Extratec