Shadow – Stationary Ball – Drop ball – Tennis ball Machine – bowler/machine  

Front Foot– Soft Hands  


In order to focus purely on the initial movement, the ball needs to be taken away. The ball will shift the focus from the movement to the ball. The faster the movement of the ball the less chance of the batsman focusing on the initial movement.

We use this skill progression model to instil good movement patterns to the ball. It has to be simple, decisive and efficient. Without the proper movement to the ball, execution becomes less controlled and powerful

What: Initial Movement

·      Late movement

·      Positive movement

·      Leading with head and shoulders

·      Side on and the upper body remains tall, a common mistake is players hinge at the hips.

·      KISS – Move when you need to and only as much as you have to

·      Chin up – Track with eyes

·      Let ball hit the bat and soften your grip on the handle