Set up – Grip, Stance and Back lift

Grip: Neutral Grip


·       Allow playing 360 degrees

·       Allow playing with minimum hand adjustments



·       Top hand “V” and bottom hand “V” form a straight line down back of the handle.

·       Ensure the palm is off the handle when playing with a vertical bat.

·      Palm is touching the handle when playing with a horizontal bat.




·       To allow for efficient and positive movements to the line of the ball

·       Foot movement is crucial in playing 360 degrees


·       Feet Shoulder width apart – weight evenly distributed

·       Heel and toes in a straight line facing point

·       Knees slightly bent

·       Hips and shoulders facing the bowler

·       Back straight and eyes level over the toes

Back lift


·       Allow bat to come down a straight line and shortest path to the ball


·       Toe of bat pointing between the off stump and 1st Slip

·       Tuck top hand in against waist