Batting Testing
Tactical Control Technical
Name Movement Alertness Execution Follow Plan RBW Intelligence Hands Feet Drive Cut Pull Feet to Spin Sweep

Initial Assessment

Why we do an assessment

The initial assessment allows us to determine the player’s skill level, strengths and weakness and will help us give parents the best possible program.

Batting Assessment

The batting assessment will test the following.

Movement – The ability to get in a position to allow you to effectively play the delivery and also allow you to play 330 degrees.

Alertness – It is the process of paying close and continuous attention.

Execution – It is the ability to perform a certain skill in a way that minimizes the risk and maximize the result.

Follow the plan – The ability to listen to instruction and then to execute skills as per the instruction.

RBW (Running between wickets) – Run hard, communicate, get in low, power out, looking for the next run and turn the right way

Intelligence – Can the player consciously adjust his thinking to changes, the mental adaptability to problems, changes and conditions