Watch the ball
• Watching the ball allow the batsman to pick up certain queues
• It allows us to channel our focus
• An increased focus tends to clear the mind which drive away the noise in the head

Head Still
• The head is the “root” to a lot of problems not only in Junior swings, but anybody’s
• Keeping the head still allow for better tracking of the ball
• Moving the head may cause batsman to over-balance
• Moving the head could cause misjudging the line and length

Judge Line and Length
• The third principle is so important to reduce the risk of getting out
• Minimising the movement prior to judging line and length could allow for better
decision making

Get in position
• Once the batsman has judged the line and length can he move into position
• Moving at this late stage will help with more accurate decisions

• The final basic principle
• Movements should be decisive