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360 Batting

Batting Program Brisbane Boys College

  • Duration: 9 Weeks
  • When: 14 July 2023 to 8 September 2023
  • Time: 3:30pm – 5pm
  • Where: Brisbane Boys College
  • Ratio: 1:4
  • Group Size: 18 Max
  • Cost: $600.00

14 July 2023 to 8 September 2023

16 July to 10 September 2023

Batting Program Churchie

  • Duration: 9 Weeks
  • When: 16 July to 10 September 2023
  • Time:
    • Age 9 – 12 (1:30pm – 3pm)
    • Age 13 – 15 (3:15pm – 4:45pm)
  • Where: Churchie
  • Ratio: 1:4
  • Group Size: 18 Max
  • Cost: $600.00


The screening process for a solid technical  foundation will involve evaluating the player’s set  up, front-foot vertical, front-foot horizontal, back foot vertical, and back-foot horizontal. For each  evaluation we will observe 
  1. The timing of the movement
  2. The quality of the the movement of,
    • The Head
    • The Feet
    • The hands
    1. The timing of the movement
The ideal set up will be determined based on  eye dominance to maximize the player’s batting  performance.
Technical Sessions

The batting program will focus on developing and refining various aspects of batting skills. The program will cover both fundamental techniques and advanced strategies, depending on skill level to improve overall performance. Participants will engage in a series of drills and exercises designed to enhance their hand-eye coordination, timing, stance, swing mechanics, and power generation.

Vision Baseline 
We assess a player’s visual capabilities to set a  benchmark for improvement. This includes testing visual  acuity, depth perception, peripheral vision, and contrast  sensitivity to measure the player’s ability to see clearly  and sharply, assess perception of distances, distinguish  objects based on contrast, and view objects outside the  direct line of sight. 
Cognitive Baseline 
Evaluating a player’s cognitive skills related to batting  includes assessing reaction time, attention span, decision making, problem-solving and working memory. These  measure a player’s ability to respond quickly, maintain  focus, make decisions, analyse, and solve problems, and  process and recall information during a match. 

Cognitive training for batting can help players focus  and make decisions faster and more accurately,  problem solve more efficiently, and increase their  working memory capacity to process and retain  information during a match. 


Develop a sharper awareness of the game situation  to help make smart decisions quickly. The tactical  screening assesses a player’s cricketing awareness,  such as reading the game, understanding field  placements and bowlers’ strategies, and knowing  when to attack, defend, or rotate the strike. 


This program will help batters improve their visual  skills by focusing on tracking moving objects,  judging distances, shifting focus, and improving  visual perception. This will improve their ability to  track, judge, shift, and process visual information  during gameplay


This comprehensive batting program will help  players enhance their technical skills, improve  tactical awareness, and develop their visual  and cognitive abilities. Zoom sessions will be  conducted to review batting performance,  analyse game scenarios, provide guidance on  decision-making strategies, and address player  queries. Players can become more proficient and  successful batsmen in the game of cricket.



Time: Start: 1 | End:

Cost: $600.00

Technical Screening

Tactical Screening

Vision & Cognitive Screening

Vision Training

Cognitive Training

Zoom Sessions